A Good Start (in pictures)

Post by Jamie

I realized that I completely forgot to give Grant the photos we took to go along with his A Good Start blog post…oops.  Blogs are boring without pictures, am I right?  Here are a few:


Thar they be.  The cattle.


That is a portable cattle chute…which is a thing that basically makes it possible to transfer cattle from a trailer to a pen.


It’s a real live windmill!  Grant is siphoning water for the bull.


Loading up hay to feed the cattle before they’re put out to pasture.


Grant being manly and throwing around bales of hay.  (He hates this caption.)


Finlay is not much help with the cattle yet.


But he is really, really, really good looking.


4 thoughts on “A Good Start (in pictures)

  1. Oh man seeing all these pictures is giving me major feels. It’s like my Laura Ingalls dreams have become a reality for you. Please convince Frank to become passionate about cattle. I will churn us all butter. (I’m trying to remind myself that moving away from friends and family is hard – but you guys are making it look real good! I’m already pulling out my calico dress)


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