Things Finlay sees on a ranch that he wouldn’t see in the city

Post by Jamie

Specifically…things Finlay sees on this ranch (in northern New Mexico) that he wouldn’t see in the city where he was born (blisteringly hot Phoenix, AZ).  This is a picture focused post, because how else are you going to see the things that Finlay sees on a ranch?

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Just kidding, it rains in Phoenix once every six years.  Here in Las Vegas, we recently went through a week or two where it rained every 1-2 days.  It was glorious.  We’re told that the rainy season may have come a little early this year, actually.  Check out the nifty climate chart on the U.S. Climate Data website.


Wide Open Spaces

Don’t get me wrong, I do miss living right across the street from the Scottsdale Green Belt.  But seriously, how amazing is this view?  It’s our driveway.


Moo Cows

Very up close and personal!  Finn and I help dad with chores sometimes.  This is us bottle feeding our neighbor’s calf.


The Gator

Finn would have seen plenty of golf carts if we had stayed in Phoenix.  But here on the ranch, we have THE GATOR.  It’s basically a four wheel drive golf cart, and Finn thinks it is the coolest thing ever.  So does dad.


Cookouts in June

Because really…who wants to be outside in Phoenix in June?



This Guy

How awesome are these horns?  We also feed him when we occasionally help dad with chores, as he’s an old grandpa steer that lives at the ranch headquarters.



One thought on “Things Finlay sees on a ranch that he wouldn’t see in the city

  1. This is a comment for the awesome Cathy (Mrs. Egolf)! 🙂

    Cathy asked if the cows are fed grass their entire lives. The answer is yes! We do give them something called cake from time to time, which is basically a supplement to their main diet of grass. They also get hay sometimes (for example, when we had them in pens before releasing them to the pastures), which is essentially dried grass.

    This is actually a really important question, because a lot of beef is being marketed as “grass fed”, with sellers charging really insane amounts of money for beef that is NOT from a cow that was grass fed its entire life. ALL cows are grass fed for about the first year of their life. What we are avoiding is grain finishing our cows. That’s the part that is unhealthy for both us and them. It’s also unhealthy for the environment, especially if the cows are in a CAFO.

    To answer your second question regarding whether or not the cows are fed antibiotics: I need Grant to confirm this for sure, but I think the plan is to only give them antibiotics when absolutely necessary. So basically, only when they are very sick. Cows in CAFOs are given a lot of antibiotics because they get sick from eating grain (something a ruminant is not designed to eat a lot of). We would not be giving antibiotics for that reason, because we will not be grain finishing our cows.


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