Let them eat cake.

It has been a bit since my last writing where we got the cattle…but then what? Well, I had to put them in the pasture that I wanted them to be in. I have decided to use a truck for the majority of my cattle work. This isn’t very true to cowboy culture, but I am ok with that; after all, being a cowboy isn’t my goal for managing these cattle. So when I move them, I put some feed in a truck, honk the horn, and away we go. Of course, there are necessarily some people on horseback to keep all the cattle together…


We keep the pace pretty slow. Actually, we keep it at a cow-speed walk; that is around 2 miles per hour. There is no whooping and hollering, no getting the cattle all worked up, just a leisurely ride through the pasture keeping the cattle from getting too distracted with whatever they may see along the way.IMG_20160522_105446_515


(The feed that I put in the truck is known as cake…)