Good Neighbor

I got here and knew nobody. I started my job and had basically zero background doing anything “cowboy”. The biggest event of the year in raising cattle is, hands-down, the branding, and that takes multiple people, most of whom need to know how to rope, and at least one who knows how to use a branding iron.


I have a great neighbor named Brooks who grew up cowboying.  His brothers, dad, and friend also did, and they were willing to help me in my time of need.


We spent a long morning roping calves,


throwing, and branding them.  Brooks’s nieces all gave us a hand.


Some of my cows were pretty interested what we were doing.


We moved onto the cows, who much were easier to work with in the squeeze chute.


Then we trailed them to their next pasture, and ate.


And all I needed to do was provide them food and beer afterwards.



One thought on “Good Neighbor

  1. Love seeing your photos and from the looks of it you did a great job on the food. My mother tells of the thrashers coming to their f
    arm in Wisconsin and the huge amount of food the women fixed.


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