We are Grant, Jamie, and Finlay…thanks for reading about our Spanish pipedream!

We (Grant and Jamie) got married in the fall of 2012.  Around that time we also read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  After reading many other books, watching documentaries, praying, talking to friends and family, raising backyard chickens (and maybe bees), volunteering and doing internships (Grant), and organizing bulk grassfed beef purchases (Jamie), we finally decided that we wanted to dedicate our lives to sustainable agriculture.

(At some point we’ll write blog posts about how we got to where we are, but we’re going to leave the details out of our “About” section in the hopes that you’ll actually finish reading this.)

So a year ago we were living in the Phoenix, AZ area.  Grant was a handyman, and Jamie was a software project manager.  Finlay arrived in the fall of 2015 to do nothing but be adorable and high maintenance.  And now all three of us are living on a ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Jamie loves lists, so here are some short lists to describe each of us.

Grant in a list:

  1. I learned nothing in college; everything I know, I learned in high school freshman English.
  2. I lived in Australia for four months.
  3. I’m a city boy.
  4. My favorite TV show is Firefly.
  5. On my bucket list is running an ultra marathon.
  6. I am very verbose.  Can’t you tell?
  7. I didn’t own a smartphone until January of 2016, and I still had a pager when nobody else did.
  8. I believe the Internet is making us all dumber.
  9. I enjoy Reckless Kelly, Steve Earle, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Roger Clyne, Delta Rae, and Kid Rock.*
  10. For seven years I pursued being a firefighter; I thought that was my dream job.

*Not his new stuff.

Jamie in a list:

  1. Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite people ever.
  2. I grew up participating in 4-H (rabbits, pigs, and lambs) and the Saddle Club (monthly gymkhanas).
  3. I saw Volcano Choir at The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix and it was like being in heaven.
  4. Before moving to New Mexico, I lived almost my entire life in Arizona (aside from short stints in Colorado and Brazil).
  5. I used to speak four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, American Sign Language, and some English.
  6. During college my goal was to graduate and become a high-powered female executive making six figures a year, with a husband that stayed home to take care of the house and kids.  (People are dumb when they’re young.)
  7. I secretly love gas station food.
  8. My favorite TV show is Northern Exposure.
  9. But my favorite TV character is Coach Taylor.
  10. Not everybody gets to work their dream job, but I did…when I was a project manager.  (I actually mean that.)

Finlay in a list:

  1. I am really, really happy.  Except when I’m really, really mad.
  2. Sleep is for the weak.
  3. Outside is my favorite place.
  4. I love animals.
  5. I spent the first six months of my life hating strollers, car seats, swings, bottles, pacifiers, and nursing or sleeping anywhere but my own home.  My mom is very tired, you should buy her a coffee.
  6. Movement is the best!  Activity is the best!  Let’s do stuff!  All the time!
  7. Toys are boring.  Can I play with anything but the stuff you spent money on?
  8. “High needs”, “strong-willed”, “alert”, and “easily over stimulated” are things I’ve heard people say about me.  I usually just call myself “awesome”.
  9. I might be one of the most loved babies in the world.
  10. One day when mom and dad aren’t looking, I’m going to get the dogs’ water bowls.

We hope you enjoy our blog and let us know how we can improve it so you’ll tell all your friends about it and then we’ll become famous.  Actually, not really, we’re introverts and we don’t want to be famous.  But we do want to start a sustainable agriculture revolution, so please still tell your friends about us.